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Who Are We?

January 1, 2000, Finger Lakes Tractor in Waterloo and King Ferry merged with Tri-County Tractor in Batavia and RMC Equipment in Atlanta, Dundee, and Greigsville to become one of the largest New Holland dealerships in the Northeast. At the onset of this merger three locations were closed, leaving Waterloo, Batavia, and Atlanta. This was the birth of Empire Tractor, Inc. Empire Tractor grew significantly in March, 2001 when the Lucas organization in Cazenovia and Cortland were merged in along w/ the purchase of specific assets of New Holland Cortland. The two Cortland operations were folded together operating out of one facility in Cortland. This company is locally owned with all shareholders working in the company. 

These decisions were not made in haste. Rather, they were made after surveying the landscape and deciding that consolidation was inevitable. We believe that this consolidation will enable each of us to maintain our "family" like dealership yet simultaneously achieve the economies of scale that will be necessary to ensure survival well into the next millennium. 

Our underlying objective is to Maximize Value for our Partners, as defined in our mission statement. We sincerely feel, through time, we will genuinely be able to Maximize Value for our Partners. As such, all principals are in agreement that customer satisfaction is the watchword that will propel our future business. Thus, each of us is committed to achieving optimally satisfied customers. If, for whatever reason, you feel that we have been negligent in this goal, we encourage you to contact us immediately so that we may initiate corrective action. 

We would like to remain your dealership of choice and will therefore be vigilant in our efforts to retain your trust, confidence and business. Nevertheless, if you should have questions concerning this exciting consolidation and/or how it will affect our relationship, please do not hesitate to stop by or to contact us directly. 

The facilities and company continue to grow as ET diversifies to maintain a healthy position. We have strategically positioned our locations in the heart of New York State to make it convenient to do business with us. Without losing touch with the industry that gave ET its excellent reputation, several lines and products have changed. Our sincere devotion to pleasing the customer carries through to every facet of our organization. We continually strive to be the best in the industry. 

ET maintains a position in all industries as being a leader, promoting the best products available to our customers. Our service, quality, commitment and excellence is second to no one. ET is fortunate to be the "home" of a great team of employees that share in the growth and improvement of the company. 

ET has developed a succession plan so that its customers will be able to experience our excellence for many years to come. This plan, for the next generation, incorporates a vision that will lead an empowered team of employees into the twenty-first century.



We strive to be the premier Equipment Product and Service Provider in the industries and markets that we serve.


Our goal is to generate favorable and enduring relationships with all of our partners and to conduct all business activities with respect and integrity. Our desire is to provide products and services of the highest quality at a fair price.


Personal Commitment to customer satisfaction is our trust. Provide personalized and innovative solutions in a professional manner which fulfill the needs of our customers. Our focus is to stay abreast with new products and services, and to offer them in a timely fashion, on a continual basis.


Maintaining an enthusiastic team of employees that are recognized as the best employees in the industries that we represent. We strive to provide a stable, safe, enjoyable, and personally enriching environment for all employees. The mutual trust and consideration that our employees exhibit is profound.


Operating in a manner that will enhance returns on investments. Conducting ourselves as progressive leaders in the industry offering quality products and services at a fair price. Accentuating the tangible and intangible rewards to a level that is comparable or exceeds industry standards.


Suppliers should be considered as partners sharing a common goal to provide the highest quality products and services in a fashion that is mutually agreeable. Pursuing a relationship that acknowledges our suppliers as being in business and allows us to manage our expectations.


We vow to operate in the most ethical manner that will enhance the various communities in which we operate. Sincere participation of our employees in the communities will generate additional benefit to the company and to the community.


  • Operate in the framework of our Mission and Vision
  • To grow profitably, and use capital efficiently
  • Increase productivity year after year
  • We are committed to our partners success
  • To be accountable and committed


Batavia Businessman Purchases Tri-County Tractor Dealership


Timothy Call promised few staff changes after he purchased Tri-County Tractor, the Ford-New Holland dealership on East Main Street Road, in a deal finalized Wednesday.

Former owner Carl Colantonio isn't even planning to leave, he said.

Call, a son of Robert V. Call Jr. and late Lorinda Call, is a graduate of Oakfield-Alabama High School and Cornell University.

His family has been involved in the farm equipment business since 1960, when Call's father, his uncle Richard C. Call and two other men, Kenneth Archer and Sherman Terry, purchased the former Day & Perkins implement dealership on East Main Street Road.

Call, a Batavia resident, served as assistant manager of the business, known as Batavia Farm Equipment, for several years after it was moved to Route 98. He was branch manager at Route 98 site for nine years after the dealership was purchased by Monroe Tractor.

Vincent Antinore of Batavia, who worked with Call at Batavia Farm Equipment and Monroe Tractor a total of 12 years left the area when he joined the staff at Lamb and Webster three years ago. He has returned to Batavia to work in the Tri-County parts department

Tom Covington, a Tri-County employee prior to his move to Florida, is coming back to work as service department manager.

Colantonio said he is pleased that he will be able to stay on as a consultant.

“It is difficult to quit working," he said. “I began peddling eggs, fruits and vegetables on city streets for my parents when I was 5 or 6 years old and I have been working since."

Colantino's father was the founder of Colantonio Coal and the family owned six farms.

“There were five boys and we worked with our parents in every business," he said.

Colantonio formed his own orchestra years ago and taught accordion with “the best, Roxy Caccamise."

He served in the European Theater during World War II; bought out the coal yard when his father retired following the war and served area businesses, schools, factories and office buildings until the late 1950s when he started the Ford Tractor business and operated four truck stops in his “spare time."

There are still many things to do, he said.

“I want to help Tim, to introduce him to a lot of wonderful friends and customers I have been associated with over the years, and I want to travel."

Call wants to get the dealership in order.

“We are offering 20 percent discounts on any parts in stock to introduce ourselves to the community and we are planning an equipment auction Dec. 10 to clear the property of a lot of new and used items, parts and tires that have accumulated here through the years," he said.


J.C. Lucus & Sons Of Cazenovia Still Serving The Farmer

 Special Feature Writer 

Cazenovia, NY – “I feel giving the farmer a fair deal is the key to our success." states Ron Lucas, semi-retired owner of J.C. Lucas & Sons. He and his two sons, Bob and Jim, who now operate the equipment dealership in Cazenovia recently celebrated a milestone in today's business world, the of being in business 100 years! It is not often that a business, especially a large farm equipment dealership has been able to remain on the scene for so long.

W.F. Lucas, grandfather to Ron, came to the Cazenovia area in the mid-1800′s. According to Elizabeth Lucas, Ron's 93-year-old mother, records show William F. Lucas was selling farm equipment in 1891. That's when there is documented proof. “In those days," says Doris Lucas, Ron's wife, “parts were kept in a bushel basket. There weren't alot of inventory like today. If William F. didn't have the part he would look to other farmers for it. That's how they operated." In those days, there were equipment dealers every 10 miles because of transportation. “You couldn't get around very fast," states Ron, “that's why there were a lot of dealers. Today it's different. We handle a larger radius up to 40 miles. Dealerships are fewer and far in between."

John Claude not only was an equipment dealer but was a dairy farmer also. The dairy operation remained untill the mid 1980′s. That was common in those days.Equipment dealers needed to have a side-line. Usually farming was the best thing or working for the town. In the early 1900′s there weren't as many different brands of equipment either. The most common was McCormick-Deering machinery. In fact, there are historical pictures of McCormick's many inventions haging throughout the main showroom at J.C. Lucas & Sons. But as time went on, just like today, McCormick-Deering became Internation Harvester.

Ron and his brother, William took over the business in the mid-1940′s from John Claude. J.C Lucas & Sons eventually outgrew their location on Maple Road and in 1980 moved to their present site outside of Cazenovia on Route 20 in a 80 foot by 200 foot building. According to Bob, there's 17,000 square feet of Showroom, Parts and Service area. When discussing inventory, Jim and Bob pride themselves on having a complete line of parts for Case IH. “If we don't have it between this facility and our other store in Cortland, we can get it within a day or two," says Jim.

J.C. Lucas & Sons have a force of 30 employees between their site in Cazenovia and their store in Cortland which was opened in 1984. The Cortland store is managed by Ed Skeele a former I.H. employee for 11 years. They have on-farm repair, as well as full service right on site.

“We also have expanded into the lawn-garden/grounds maintenance equipment," states Jim, who is the co-store manager and is in charge of bookkeeping and sales. According to Jim, inventory is probably the hardest to control. “You have an obligation to the farmer to make sure you stock parts for his equiipment but then on the other hand, if you don't have a turn about of one and half years for that part, you can't really affor to keep it on hand." That's a big reason why the Lucas boys have a computer system directly hooked-up to Case IH. If the do not have a particular part, they can immediately find out if it can be found nearby. “Computers are an essential part to this business operation," says Bob, co-store manager and in charge of parts and service. “The computer automatically orders the part when we start getting low supply." Bob further stated that now, accounts receivable can be done in 24 hours with the computer versus taking four to five days manually.

Doris Lucas plays an essential part in the equipment business. She handles some of the office work when there is much to do and little time to do it. “I'm proud of our heritage. Ron's grandfather had a knack for business and it has just come down the line."

J.C. Lucas & Sons was 27th in sales of Cub Cadets in the nation in 1990. Their farm tractor sales in the 4th quarter of 1990 was up 200 percent. “All of this growth can only be attributed to our excellent employee's and customer loyalty," states Bob.

Loyalty means a lot to the Lucas family. “In my dad's time," says Ron, “a handshake is all you needed when a farmer wanted to buy machinery. Nowadays, there's lots of papers to sign and it's not as personal anymore. But I feel we have very loyal customers. Giving them a fair and honest deal is our motto and in return farmer-customer loyalty is what we have." He also said that quality of service has always been in the forefront of J.C. Lucas & Sons. “That's what customers want nowadays."